Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite Helmet
Price | $235-$250 (Adult), $225 (Youth)
Sizes | Extra Small – Extra, Extra Large (Adult), Medium – Large (Youth)


The Troy Lee Designs SE4 helmet made its debut in mid-2016 and was met with great success. On the heels of the new premium helmet came a mid-level composite shell version, and the most recent addition to the SE4 line is the most-affordable SE4 Polyacrylite Helmet, which features most of the same great features. The Polyacrylite shell passes the same DOT and ECE standards that the high-end carbon shell does, and it weighs in at a feathery 1,425 grams—only 100 grams heavier than the most expensive helmet in the lineup.

The Polyacrylite version is also produced in youth sizes and is the only version of the SE4 available in scaled-down sizes. Troy Lee Designs SE4 helmet features the MIPS brain protection system, Expanded Polypropylene chin bar padding, 16 vents, plastic visor hardware for breakaway performance in a crash, and emergency quick release cheek pads for EMT helmet removal. The Polyacrylite SE4 is produced in three adult shell sizes for a specific and more-accurate fit in each size offering. Nine different graphic/color combinations are available.


The SE4 Polyacrylite helmet looks exactly like the high-end SE4 Carbon version and even comes in more graphic options.

Featuring the same great fit as the original SE4, the Poly version is plenty comfortable. Furthermore, with 16 air intake vents as compared to the Carbon and Composite versions' 20, it was impossible to detect a difference in airflow.

At 1,425 grams, the Poly helmet is plenty light on your head.

In laboratory testing, the Polyacrylite helmet actually outperforms the premium versions in some categories.

Removing and reinstalling the liner to wash or replace it is easy as the snap system is well-designed and a cinch to operate.

Wide range of peripheral vision is afforded by the eyeport.

The shell shape of the entire SE4 lineup is stylish and aggressive looking.

We actually prefer the plastic visor screws as they break away easier in the event of a crash than titanium hardware.


The Polyacrylite helmet does not come with a spare visor, but for the low price of $250, we can understand.


TransWorld Motocross always recommends outfitting yourself with the highest-quality helmet and safety gear possible, as motocross is a dangerous sport and crashes will happen. The Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite helmet is the most impressive $250 helmet we have ever encountered.