Cole Seely Helmet _3211

Who hasn’t wanted a custom painted helmet? At Troy Lee Designs, it’s far more advanced than just rattle cans and they recently posted the video of the start-to-finish process of the SE3 helmet worn by Cole Seely during the Supercross season in 2015. From initial concept sketch to the final touches, it’s incredible to see just how much effort goes every element. We personally like the hand lettered “Cole” on the back.

Cole Seely Helmet _3209

It’s a damn shame that custom lids have tapered off a bit in recent years, but the good news is that TLD still takes a ton of work in each week. Want to get your own one-off scheme? Check out their website ( and come up with a few ideas to share with their staff. Prices range from 500 to well over 1500 bucks, depending on the design and details.