Adrian Cenni in the middle of a barrel roll

Adrian Cenni in the middle of a barrel roll

Adrian Cenni is known as "The Wildman," and you can see why when you watch the video of the racecar driver doing a 360-degree barrel roll in front of a live audience in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. The stunt, said to be the first-ever done with a truck, was performed Thursday afternoon in a wash just off the start line of this week's 2013 SCORE International Baja 1000.

Cenni said the planning for the daring jump spanned a couple of years with many ups and downs and lots of trial and error before he finally figured out how to successfully complete the barrel roll.

"The whole idea was, you got to get the truck weightless just for that fraction of a second and then you can start the rotation," he said in a preview video. "So it's actually one jump into a second jump. And that's the key; it's not just one jump, it's two jumps. It's two jumps that are going to get you around quicker."

And Cenni does it to perfection. Watch:

According to the Cenni Racing website, Cenni's passion has always been the need for speed. He got hooked on racing after finishing sixth out of 500 drivers in a three-month Formula One driver's search competition in southern France. He was the highest-placing American.

From Cenni Racing:

Cenni came back to the states and gained experience racing Formula Renault and Spec Racer Renaults at the club level. After continuously winning, he was ready to join a Pro series. Adrian test drove a Formula 3, a Le Mans prototype, a Formula Continental, and a Pro 4 off-road truck. By leaps and bounds the Pro 4 was his favorite. Adrian had Walker Evans build his first truck and manage his program. Adrian won within his first season, and won two more races in his second season.

Adrian is always a frontrunner, setting the fastest qualifying or fasted lap in the race. To date, Adrian has 11 wins in Pro 4, and dozens of podium finishes. Cenni thrives in the wheel-to-wheel competition that is short course off-road, and in the very near future is expecting a points championship.

He is also very good at doing a 360-degree barrel roll in a truck.

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