Our very first all mini championship is approaching fast, and it goes without saying that we are all excited for it! The TransWorld Motocross Mini Major is a 3 day championship event held November 6th, 7th, and 8th at Milestone MX Park.  I personally have a blast shooting amateur events, and it is something that I have spent a fair amount of time doing prior to my role here as Photo Editor at TransWorld Motocross. I will be out there shooting photos of the event, and also writing the article that goes into our February issue (that’s right – we can make you magazine famous!) With the race quickly approaching, I thought it would be fitting to write a post regarding a few of the things that stoke me out when if comes to covering amateur racing and the young mini rippers.

The Mini Major Is Coming!

It’s All Fun!

Lets face it – when you are a youngin’ it is all about having a good time, and I can’t think of any kid who doesn’t want to spend the weekend racing his dirtbike. Yes, some bigger sponsors have come in to support some of these riders at younger ages, but the basis of it still revolves around fun – on and off the track. For most of them this is what they look forward to during the week, and a weekend at the track racing with family and moto friends is something that forms a bond for a lifetime. You won’t just see this kids battling it out on the track, they will also be out in the pits making mini race tracks in the sand, chasing each other around on scooters, and just being kids. That’s what its all about, and having fun riding and racing their dirtbikes!

The Mini Major Is Coming!

The Racing Never Disappoints.

I have said it before, and will always say this: My favorite classes to watch at any amateur event are the Supermini classes. These kids are absolute rippers, and race at a level that mimics top professionals. The speed and talent that this age group brings to the table is impressive, and I have first hand watched kids set passes up 2-3 corners back, using complete veteran race-craft that is a blast to watch. This is when you’ll see the fastest laps of the event, and it will be good!

The Mini Major Is Coming!

Heavy Hitters Up To Bat.

The draw to line up for the Mini Major is definitely there, and we have some kids that are no stranger to taking the checkered flag first. The list of confirmed riders grows day by day, but rest assured that there will be some big named little dudes that want to claim the titles at the first ever TransWorld Motocross Mini Major. Some of these names will also be very familiar in a few years when you see them lined up at the professional level.

The Mini Major Is Coming!

The Future Is Here.

As the years go by and the sport expands, the talent pool grows deeper and deeper. While years ago most little dudes were just worried about making it around the track, there are many kids showing style and skill that they have learned from watching current crop of pros on TV and websites like ours. Add in the technology of the little machines, and you have a recipe for some cool stuff to watch. The track at Milestone is going to be built just for the minis so it is a perfect place to watch the future of our sport lay it down. We’ll see you there, and I can’t wait to shoot it!

Stilez and Haiden are in, are you?

Need some information? Check it out below!


2015 TransWorld Motocross Mini Major | Rules & Classes

– Rider age is as of January 1, 2015.
– 85/150 Big Wheels bikes are allowed in the 85/150F Beg, Nov, Open Beg, Supermini classes.
– Big Wheels bikes are not allowed in the 85/150F age bracket classes or the 85/150F Open class.
– The Kawasaki KX100/KX105 will only be allowed to ride in the Supermini classes.
– All races will take place on the Milestone Main Track, which will feature a special design to suit mini bikes.

PW50/XR50/CRF50 Open
Pee Wee Beg 4-6yrs
Pee Wee Beg 7-8yrs
Pee Wee Open (Beg)
Pee Wee 4-6yrs (10″ wheels)
Pee Wee 4-6yrs (10″ or 12″ wheels)
Pee Wee 7-8yrs
Pee Wee Open 4-6yrs
Pee Wee Open 7-8yrs

65cc Beg 4-8yrs
65cc Beg 9-11yrs
65cc Open (Beg)
65cc Novice
65cc 4-8yrs
65cc 9-11yrs
65cc Open 4-8yrs
65cc Open 9-11yrs

85cc/150F Beg 8-12yrs
85cc/150F Beg 13-16yrs
85cc/150F Open (Beg)
85cc/150F Novice
85cc/150F 8-11yrs
85cc/150F 12-13yrs
85cc/150F 14-16yrs
85cc/150F Open (no Beg or Big wheels)
85cc/150F Supermini
85cc/150F Supermini Open

2015 TransWorld Motocross Mini Major | Daily Schedule

– The 2015 TransWorld Motocross Mini Major features a three-moto format run that will run over two days.
– Milestone MX Park will be open on Friday afternoon for a practice session on the specially constructed course.

Friday, November 6th

Sign up | 12PM – 5PM
Practice | 2PM – 5PM

Saturday, November 7th

Sighting laps | 8AM
Racing | 9AM
Two motos per class will be run on Saturday

Sunday, November 8th

Sighting lap | 8AM
Racing | 9AM
One moto per class will be run on Sunday
Awards Ceremonies to follow the final motos

 2015 TransWorld Motocross Mini Major | Admission & Race Fees

Race entry | First Class $50/Second Class $30/Third class $20/Fourth class $20
Three-day pass (including Friday Practice) | $25
Camping pass for Friday & Saturday | $30
Transponder | Free
Pit Vehicles | Free