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During the Timed Qualifying sessions at the 2018 Indianapolis Supercross, privateer racer Tevin Tapia had a hard crash over the finish line double that required immediate medical assistance. The session was red flagged and Tapia was taken out of the stadium by the Alpinestars Mobile Medical staff. On Sunday Tapia shared a post on social media that explained the extensive damage to his lower back and pelvis.

Tapia said that he cross-rutted on the face of the finish line, which sent the bike into an endo and he stepped over the handlebars. The feet-first impact resulted in multiple fractures to his pelvis and the L3 and L4 vertebra. The pelvis injury also resulted in internal bleeding, but this was repaired by the hospital staff. Surgeons also inserted three screws and one plate to aid the pelvis injury.

Tapia wrapped up the post by saying that in addition to his own health insurance, Road2Recovery has started a donation link to help with the mounting medical costs.

Hey guys I'm doing okay. Still in some pretty good pain but i wanted to tell you guys what happened. I cross rutted going up the face of the finish line and sent me side ways and in a endeo and had to jump off, landing feet first into the landed face. I broke my pelvis in a couple places witch caused internal bleeding and fractures to my L3 and L4 The internal bleeding was stopped right away when i got to the hospital and my fractures to my back will heal fine but i had to get three screws and a plate in my pelvis. I have never asked for help like this on social media before but i sure do need it, @road2recovery has set up a donation site and the link is in my bio anything helps. I don't have the best insurance and still have to get Home and the bills for this stay won't be cheap. If you can't help i totally understand but you better pray for me haha i have my head up and focused on getting healed!

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