Love it or hate it, bike maintenance is something that we all have to do to keep our machines running in tip-top shape, but most importantly to uphold our safety when we head out to enjoy a day of riding dirt bikes. Maintaining the machine that brings you so much joy should be at the top of everyone's list of priorities before a day of riding because something as trivial as a dirty air filter can ultimately spell disaster for just about anyone.

For some, bike maintenance has become a touchy subject-which could be attributed to today's advancements in technology in modern motocross bikes. Let's face it, most of us aren't working on two-strokes anymore, so to tackle any sort of bike work on modern day four-strokes can become a daunting task, so we've decided to bring you "Tech Tips" from the guys that wrench for your favorite riders. This week, we dropped by Team 100's race shop to check in with Josh Hansen's mechanic Hughston Steadman to get a few pointers on removing the rear shock, as it's something that most of us encounter since suspension has become the backbone of comfort and confidence when riding a dirt bike. Follow along as "Hurricane Hughey" goes to work on Hansen's bike to show you how to efficiently remove your bike's rear shock.

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