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This year’s KTM team intro went down right in between the Monster Energy Cup and the rigorous offseason training that takes place right around November. As it turned out, the timing couldn’t have been better for a chat with Marvin Musquin. After a wild night in Las Vegas, Musquin was getting set for an interesting next few weeks preparing for Supercross. In addition to the usual boot camp with Aldon Baker, Musquin had added David Vuillemin as a riding coach and was set to race the Paris Supercross in mid-November. During the downtime between riding sessions, we talked with Musquin to further discuss the past, present, and future in more detail. 

We're coming off of the Monster Energy Cup, how was that weekend from your perspective?

Well, I was the winner last year so it's a lot of pressure. Running the number one and having cool graphics was really exciting. Unfortunately, the overall at the races didn't go as planned. Practice actually went really good; the speed was there and I had good technique. The track was super-fast and super basic, there was nothing to separate us, but I was able to get the fastest lap time at the end of the last practice. The first two motos, I didn't get a great start. I was always in between fourth and fifth place so I had to make passes. I came back to second in the first moto and was pretty happy with that. Last year, the goal was to try to win the overall. To win all three mains was pretty crazy, but we just want the overall. This year, getting second in the first moto was good. The second moto was going pretty much the same way, I came back and passed up to third, but then, unfortunately, Chad Reed had an issue in front of me. He couldn't do anything and I couldn't either, so I hit him and got stuck with him. From there, it was pretty much over for me to have a good result overall.

Okay, so take me through the moment with Reed. It looked like you even got sandwiched with Grant there as well, and I know you and Reed talked before the start of the third race.

Yeah, like I said, Chad had an issue and I don't know if he locked the rear wheel or something, but he was stopped in the tunnel and I was committed already. I tried to get on the brakes, but I ran into him and lost balance, and I put my leg right into his wheel. I don't know if his bike was able to keep running, but he saw my leg caught in it so he was trying to back it out. I did go to him and said, "Thank you for not ruining my leg." That was cool from Chad and he was cool with everything, so I appreciate that.

Your training program is pretty much the same this offseason, but you've brought in David Vuillemin. It seems like some people are confused and think you're not training with Aldon Baker, but you're working with both guys this year.

Yeah, for sure, Aldon is still my trainer. He does my lap counts and cardio and all of that. I just wanted to have David there because I know him well and I grew up looking up to him. For a few years, I've been thinking of having him and it's more for looking at lines and riding technique.

You mentioned you grew up watching Vuillemin and looking up to him, what's it like to bring someone like that into your program when they were a hero to you?

I was a big fan of David. I remember being young, ten years old, going to the Bercy Supercross. He was winning and battling with McGrath, so I was definitely a big fan of David. Since that time he's been a riding coach here and there, but seeing him with Dylan Ferrandis, he's really involved and he's so passionate about riding technique and skills and lines. It's a good thing for me. I really felt like I needed something like that and a little bit of change. It's cool, I really like David's personality, but also his riding coaching. He knows a lot and can see and analyze really well. We get along good and hopefully, he can help me with the riding technique.

Looking at the next few months, we know you'll be heading into a boot camp, what do the next few weeks look like for you?

Basically, we'll be in Florida and I'll be putting all of my focus on the training. I'll be following Aldon's program and putting good time on the bike and off the bike with the gym and doing cardio. It should be a good boot camp again, it's a couple of weeks long and then at the end of December we'll come back here to California and get ready for Anaheim One. I think it's coming pretty fast. The only race I'll do is the Paris Supercross. It'll be exciting for me to go there because it's my only opportunity all year to see the French fans and race in front of them