When you think of the perfect vehicle to go camping in the snow, what comes to mind? A Subaru with AWD, a big pickup truck with a fifth wheel or maybe some sort of adventuremobile with a sauna in the back. What probably doesn’t come to mind is a Ferrari F40.

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Leave it to Red Bull to coordinate with driver Takeshi Kimura to pack an F40 for a pleasant, winter camping trip. Having rigged the F40 with rally lights, tire chains and all his camping gear on the roof, Kimura gets loose on the hills and snow-covered mountain roads toward his ascent — even hitting the slopes for a bit.

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Arriving at night, Kimura utilized the rally lights and sets up camp in the dark. Once he gets the fire going he takes down the perfect meal for camping with a $700,000-and-change Ferrari: instant noodles. All in an adventure I guess.

Ferrari F40 goes driving in the snow to go snow camping

Nothing like taking the ol’ snow vehicle out for a camping trip …

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