Swap’s Stocking Stuffers | Presented by Cycle Gear

Let’s get one thing straight: I think that everyone should wear knee braces because knee injuries are not only gnarly, but they are among the most common injuries in our sport. It blows me away when I see some top riders – like Cooper Webb – riding with plastic knee cups! Anyway, these Thor Force Knee Guards are some of the best knee guards we’ve ever come across at the TWMX offices, and though they don’t offer much support like a knee brace would, they are far more protective that the cheesy knee guards that used to come included with MX pants back in the day!

At $89.95, the Thor Force Knee Guards offer full-coverage for the shin, kneecap and upper knee area. If you’ve ever slammed the bottom of your handlebars into the top of your knee, you already know how important protection in that sensitive area is! The neoprene wraparound design is pretty cool, and offers a sense of support and protection that is superior to straps alone, so when it comes to knee guards alone; we give these babies a two thumbs up!

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