The Slick Off Road Cleaning Kit includes these three chemicals, plus a pump spray bottle, a scrub brush, and a small microfiber towel.



PRICE: $59.99

APPLICATION: All bikes, the dirtier the better


If you’ve done things right, your bike should be covered in dirt and mud when you come home from a good day at the motocross track. Cleaning up test bikes is a huge part of our jobs here at TransWorld Motocross [much to the dismay of Swap’s wife, who pays the water bills, and his neighbors, who have to live with the assembly line of dirty bikes in front of the Maeda home], and we’re always looking for ways to make the job easier. We ran into the guys from Slick Products at Glen Helen Raceway Park last week, and they loaded each of us up with one of their Off Road Cleaning Kits. Inside the kit is a pesticide-style solution sprayer, a microfiber towel, a scrub brush, plus three different Slick Products cleaning solutions. The first is a 32 ounce bottle of wash concentrate, which mixes with water to create four gallons of soapy solution. A ready to use cleaning solution that includes a de-greasing agent comes in a 32 ounce spray bottle, and is intended to be used after the initial wash solution, on greasier, dirtier parts of the bike. Completing the kit is a 32 ounce aerosol spray can of Slick Shine, a high-gloss detailing spray.


– The two-step cleaning process really does make a difference if you are washing your bike with a bucket and hose. We hosed off the largest chunks of mud before coating the entire bike with the concentrated soap. We then used the brush to scrub the muddiest parts of the bike, before hosing the entire bike down a second time. We did notice that the soap broke down the dirt film better than say, Mr. Clean, but our job was not yet complete.

– We sprayed the Slick Cleaner on the white plastic, seat cover and frame and let it sit before attacking the fenders and seat cover with the included brush, and the frame with a Scotchbrite pad. After hosing the bike off a third time, we can report that the cleaner spray did get the white plastic and seat cover clean, but mostly thanks to the help from the brush.

– After drying the bike off, we applied the Slick Shine spray to the numberplates, rear fender, front fender and fork guards. We stayed away from the radiator shrouds, seat cover, and airbox because we didn’t want the bike to be slippery in those areas. Finally, we blasted the undersides of the fenders, the front frame down tube, and both rims with the stuff, to see if it would keep mud from sticking. And you know what? It did!


– To be honest, we normally wash our bikes with a power washer, and would skip the entire first step all together. Our normal routine with the Slick Cleaner is to powerwash all of the mud and dirt off, apply Slick Cleaner to the aforementioned parts and scrub, then powerwash the bike again.

– The Slick Shine Spray works great, but some of us didn’t care for its aroma.


We’ve always relied on the one-gallon jugs of Simple Green concentrate that they sell at Home Depot, but the Slick Products Off Road Cleaning kit has been a nice, purpose built product. The soap and cleaning products work very well, and the Slick Shine Spray is amazing at keeping the mud from building up on your bike. If you don’t own a powerwasher, this stuff is worth every penny!