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Scott Rabon

Hometown: Lake Alfred, Florida

Years Wrenching: 17 Years

Rider: Colt Nichols

Past Riders: James Stewart, Malcolm Stewart, Kyle Chisholm, Ben Lamay, Alex Martin

Scott Rabon is one of the many talented people you can find while walking through the paddock of a Supercross or National race, and the friendly Floridian can typically be spotted under the River Yamaha canopy quietly working away on Colt Nichols' race machine. Growing up in Lake Alfred, Florida, Scott spent his high school days hanging out with James Stewart Sr., forming a bond through common interests in BMX, motocross, and car audio. Their friendship continued on throughout the years, and Scott eventually found himself working on James Stewart's practice bikes during the young racer's KX80 days, officially kicking off his career as a motocross mechanic.

Scott credits much of his skills and professionalism to Jeremy Albrecht, who brought him under his wing while Albrecht was a factory mechanic for James during his tenure at Kawasaki, and after landing a job on the Rock River Yamaha team in 2014, he hasn't moved since. Success has come quickly for Scott, and as he continues his relationship with the up-and-coming race effort, he now finds himself supporting Colt Nichols, a second-year pro in the midst of a breakout season in the small-bore class. We asked Scott to break down the nuts and bolts of Colt's Yamaha YZ250F.

Scott Rabon | Spanner

Factory Yamaha Power: Yamaha does our motors and ECUs. That's the biggest thing they help us with, and we're super appreciative of that. Everything in our motor is factory tuned using GYTR components. If we didn't have that, I don't think we could be as competitive as we are today.

Scott Rabon | Spanner

Mapping And Electronics: They give us a great motor and ECU package that's great all across the board with a broad range of power. They custom-tailor a little something for us with the start button, and other than that the package is solid. We run the GET GPA launch control unit, which is a good weapon on the starts. They have a parameter set inside the ECU that was selected as a good starting RPM, and the lights on the unit act as an LED rev limiter, which we tinted after installing it to tame it down a little. The orange map switches from a richer or leaner setting in the ECU, and the blue button is to initiate the GPA unit and launch control.

Scott Rabon | Spanner

Wheels, Tires, And Brakes: We run the Excel Takasago rims and stock Yamaha hubs. Trick Engineering turns down the hubs and coats with Cerakote, which is the same coating they paint guns with. It's baked on and not as thick as powder coating. The tires that Colt runs are spec Dunlop tires. We actually use a 2006 Yamaha front master cylinder and caliper. It's a little bit bigger and heavier, but the brake has a good, steady feel. As far as the brake discs, we're using Moto Stuff 280 mm non-floating brake discs, and they've been great. We actually have to use a brake pad similar to a Honda that's contoured to our rotors.

The Ideal Rider: Colt is very easy on the bike, and he hasn't had any complaints or anything. Sometimes I can go two weeks without even changing the clutch! He's been a blessing. He just likes the package we have for him. The only odd thing he does is pushes his controls and levers super far in, but that's what he likes and it works for him. He does like his suspension to be plush, but as far as the settings go, Yoshi and Ross from enzo dial in all of the settings with Colt.

Scott Rabon | Spanner

Honoring Our Armed Forces: It was an honor to run the military-inspired camouflage graphics from Roost MX, and a big thanks goes out to the crew from the USS Barry for giving our team a tour of the missile destroyer. The crew actually came to watch the San Diego II Supercross, got club seating, and had the time of their lives. This year they'll be stationed in Japan, and we thank them for all their service!