Ryder DiFrancesco | This Or That?

We spend a lot of time at local Southern California tracks, and there are plenty of familiar names and faces out there on a regular basis. Yesterday while on hand at Milestone MX Park for a TM two-stroke bike test we spotted the only little ripper on the track riding with plenty of big bikes and professionals including Jimmy Decotis, Chrisian Craig, Josh Grant, and more. The small fry that goes by the name of Ryder DiFrancesco made us feel pretty lame, seeing as we packed our bikes back in the trucks when we realized it was “fast people/pro” day!

Well known in the amateur scene, Ryder has garnered plenty of attention at a young age and continues to rack up big name sponsorships like Jimmy Johns, Team Green Kawasaki, and DC Shoes to name a few. While this sport consistently sees sponsors diving more and more into the young talent pool, it’s refreshing to sit down and chat with them once in a while to make sure they are still just kids having fun on their dirtbikes. Ryder is certainly a perfect example of this, and remains humble, well mannered, and most of all enjoys riding his dirtbike the same way he did before he became one of the youngest “prospects” in the amateur scene. As he was packing up to head out to a Thor photoshoot we sat down with him briefly to pick his brain on anything and everything, from food choices to race tactics.

Starting this off, you are one possibly the only mini rider daring enough to be on the same track as these top pros. How many times did you pass Josh Grant out there?

I don't know but he passed me a lot more than I passed him!

How many times per lap were you looking over your shoulder?

I don't know!

Ryder DiFrancesco | This Or That?

Lets figure out what makes Ryder DiFranceso tick. This or that…

Hotdogs or Hamburgers?


Whips or Scrubs?


Corners or Straightaways?


Wheelies or Nose Wheelies?

I'm gonna have to say wheelies!

Ryder DiFrancesco | This Or That?

Supercross of Outdoors?


Block pass or pass around the outside?

Block pass.

East Coast or West Coast?

West Coast!

What's your favorite sandwich at Jimmy Johns?

The number 2.

What's the number 2?

Roast beef.

And nothing else on it? Cheese?

Cheese, but no lettuce or tomato!

Ryder DiFrancesco | This Or That?

Coke or Pepsi?


Funny movies or scary movies?


What are you training for currently?

I'm training for Mammoth right now.

What's your favorite part about Mammoth?

I like fishing, so I like to spend some time fishing up there.

Ryder DiFrancesco | This Or That?

What's the biggest fish you've ever caught?

I caught a six pound catfish once!

Ever have any bear sightings in Mammoth?


Would you rather win a race by leading from the start, or battling through the pack and making a statement?

I like making a statement, but I would rather get the holeshot and lead every lap.

Ryder DiFrancesco | This Or That?

You're only 11, but what's your best memory of racing so far?

Probably when I won Loretta's at five years old.

Do you look back and say "Man I was young!"


Hey guess what Ryder, you're still young! Thanks for taking time to chat today.

Ryder DiFrancesco | This Or That?