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We’re surprised that we’re even building this post, but here we are. A rumor spread through the pit area at rounds of the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross Series that Ryan Dungey is planning to make a return to racing, as soon as this summer for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, and this has led to a current three-page thread on the Vital MX message board. Considering Dungey’s reasons for stepping away while at the top (the high risk of injury and a possible impact on impairing his future among the most crucial, enhanced by fractures to the vertebra in his upper back from in a crash at the 2016 Thunder Valley MX race), we felt the rumor had very little weight. Dungey has maintained some endorsement deals while retired like with Fox Racing and Oakley, but the innovative “Homegrown” video was his final project with energy drink giant Red Bull and he has not been spotted with any Red Bull branding on his helmets or hats since.

But a rider deciding to return to the starting after a short time away wouldn’t be a surprise, as Jeremy McGrath did the same in 2005 and 2006. Dungey has been seen riding in promotional videos for longtime sponsor Fox Racing and aided the Red Bull KTM team at the races and with some testing. Did that give the rumor merit?

While at Pala Raceway on March 3oth, we spoke with Roger DeCoster as he oversaw the practice sessions put in by Marvin Musquin and Broc Tickle. In regards to the rumor, DeCoster stated without hesitation that Dungey will not be on the starting line for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship or any other pro race in the future. Yes, he has resumed riding on occasion, but this is for fun and in part to assist the Red Bull KTM in development of the current bike before its season in the Nationals. He also said that Dungey is in the period that former racers will go through when they are looking for ways to occupy their new free time, like coming to the races and commentating on the television broadcasts for FOX Sports.