We just learned that earlier today, our friend Cloud Toda passed away in a foam pit fire at 774 Compound near Tokyo, Japan. Paralyzed seven years ago from the waist down, Toda had been riding again for a few years on a modified Suzuki RM-Z450, and he had hoped to earn an invite to the X Games Best Whip contest. Toda has been practicing whips off a 78-foot FMX ramp into a foam fit for several months now, and he was hoping to take his massive whips to dirt soon.

Details are limited, but we were informed that today, Cloud was practicing and the hot engine of his Suzuki caused the foam to combust. Foam pit fires are not uncommon, but in every other case, the rider can escape the fire by climbing out of the pit. Our hearts ache for our friend, Cloud Toda. Rest in peace, Cloudy. – swap