Scott Prospect Goggles With Light Sensitive Lens
Price: $89.95


The Scott Prospect was unveiled a couple years ago as the brand's solution to the greater roost velocity that today's modern motocross bikes can deliver. A 450cc motocross bike can shoot dirt and rocks towards a chasing rider's eyes at a deadly rate and the Prospect protects against penetration and lens displacement by incorporating a stronger 1 mm-thick lens and an all-new oversized frame design that employs for lens-retention pins for a secure mount. The Light Sensitive lens may sound like a simple lens option, but it is far greater than that. In addition to offering light-sensitivity that grows darker in bright conditions, the new lens features extruded thermoformed Lexan construction and is far superior to the flat, stamped 1 mm Lexan lens in the standard Prospect. Although it retains 1 mm thickness like the standard lens, the Light Sensitive lens is harder, pre-curved, and optically correct.


To be completely honest, the first time we rode with the new lens, we didn't realize that it was something new and assumed Scott had just sent us a supply of Prospects with clear lenses. While on the starting line, we noticed that the lens had taken on a purple tint and we wondered if we had been imaging the clear lens at the truck.

In addition to the light-sensitive quality, which allows the lens to change from clear to tinted and back in less than a minute as the light conditions change, the lens enjoys far superior optics thanks to its optically correct curved shape. As with the unexpected tint, we noticed a marked improvement in the quality of our vision with the lens. It wasn't until we removed the lens for cleaning in between motos that we realized that it was something new.

Re-installing the new curved lens is much easier than the flat version and it takes well under a minute to get securely installed.

As is the case with the existing Prospect, the field of vision yielded by the large frame is excellent. The fit is superb, with a great seal against your face. Of course, Scott's NoSweat face foam is both comfortable and effective at keeping sweat out of your eyes and off the inside of the lens.


This is not a complaint about the goggles so much as it is about how hard they are to find on or a retailer’s website. Instead of being predominantly featured as an “exciting new product,” the Light Sensitive version is clumped in with the standard frame and lens options. Dig for them…they are worth the search.


The fact that the product was markedly improved and impressive when we didn't know beforehand that we were riding with something new speaks volumes about the performance of the new Light Sensitive lens. We love them!