Fox Racing 180 Boots
Price: $224.95
Sizes: 8-14
Colors: White, Black, Red, Blue (Shown)

What It Is

The Fox Racing 180 boot is a new mid-level motocross boot that incorporates technology developed for the high-end Instinct boot and marries it to some new innovations while maintaining a $250 price tag. A floating cuff system in the ankle area allows for great linear support and motion but locks out before hyperextension of the ankle joint, and an exclusive silicone strap offers four settings and allows the shin plate to flex with the motion of the boot. A steel internal shank offers support in the sole, and TPU plates in the shin, calf, heel, and toe box areas protect the rider's feet.


The comfort level of the new 180 boot is exceptional. From the get-go, we'd say this could be the most comfortable boot we've slipped our feet into.

The footbed of the 180 is nice and roomy—great for riders with Fred Flintstone feet, but not too spacious for those with narrow feet.

We expected the non-hinged ankle design of the boot to be tough to break in but were pleasantly surprised to find that they are easy to ride in from the first lap.

The rubber burn guards on the inner calf areas of the boot offer excellent traction against the surface of your motorcycle.

The buckle system of the boot incorporates two lower Instinct closures—which are excellent and easy to operate—and the silicone strap at the top.

The stretchy strap is easy to operate and offers much more support than we expected.

Feel for the shifter, rear brake, and footpegs is great through the boot's sole and toe box areas.

The durability of the rubber sole is very good—we've been riding in our 180 boots for several weeks now and there are no signs of wear yet.


Some riders complained about the raised heel of the boot, stating that it offered a platform sensation on the footpegs. Others, however, didn't notice it at all.

The Verdict

The Fox Racing 180 boot offers excellent comfort, protection, and durability at a great price. In this instance, you definitely get more than you pay for.