Product Report

Bill’s Pipes MX2 Nickel Pipe and MX2 Silencer combo

Price: Pipe-$229.99/Silencer-$119.99

Application: 2014 KTM 250SX

The MX2 Nickel Pipe is a quick and affordable way to increase the power and look of your two-stroke. Not to mention the ease of maintenance the nickel finish offers.


The Bill’s Pipes name has been associated with two-stroke exhausts for many years now, and for good reason. Bill’s has perfected the craft of creating exhaust systems that squeeze out every bit of horsepower your machine has to offer, whether it be two or four-stroke. The MX2 pipe was built with ultimate performance and durability in mind by creating an exhaust system that is designed to increase horsepower by turning up the overall power response across the entire power band-not just mid to top end. The MX2 silencer is lighter and sleeker when compared to the stock KTM silencer  and is built solely around the purpose to perform better, last longer and sound better than stock.

The MX2 Silencer has a much sleeker look when compared to stock. Plus, it doesn’t stick out as much, limiting the risk of damage in the case of a crash.


– That classic 250 two-stroke bark is brought to life as soon as the silencer is thrown onto the bike.

– The lightweight brushed aluminum silencer housing is much easier on the eyes as opposed to the stock KTM silencer.

– The KTM 250SX has enough power as it is, and once we bolted the MX2 pipe and silencer on, we were still able to notice the power increase across the entire motor.

– Maintenance with this system is almost nonexistent. Just repack the silencer every once in a great while and you’ll be good to go. As far as the Nickel pipe goes, there is no maintenance whatsoever.

– When talking about two-stroke exhausts, the term: bolt-on power comes to mind. Installing an MX2 system is among one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase the performance and power of your two-stroke.

– Everything is included, including the pipe springs and o-ring.


– Though we didn’t, it is easy to damage the expansion chamber (pipe) o-ring upon installation.

– Pulling the pipe springs can prove to be a bit of a challenge at times, especially if your don’t have a spring puller, but they’re just doing their job.

– At times, we prefer the works look over the shinny nickel finish, but we do like the fact of simply drying it off after a wash and not having to scrub the works pipe to keep up on the fresh finish.


We don’t mean to brag or boast, but this thing looks sweet now!


When it comes to bolt-on power, installing an aftermarket pipe and silencer is really the simplest way to go. And since Bill’s Pipes has been in the game for so long, their reputation alone can speak for their product development. Remember the days of Travis Pastrana aboard  factory 125s? If not, then you should do a bit of research and see what exhaust systems were mounted on his two-strokes. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy increase in horsepower, improved overall look of your bike and a meatier sound, than the MX2 exhaust system from Bill’s pipes is the way to go.