Product Report
Alpinestars Fluid Tech Carbon Knee Brace
Price: $349.95 each
Sizes: S-L

 What It Is

Being best known for their foot and leg protection, Alpinestars is now setting the standard in the knee protection game with their Fluid Tech Carbon Knee Braces. These braces are the perfect combination of versatility and protection. Made of carbon polymer, the braces are extremely lightweight and strong, without sacrificing comfort with a thick, bulky feel. Not to mention that the Snap Buckles make for an easy application once fitted.


– The Snap Buckles are a quick and easy way to ensure a perfect fit without having to resize with every application.

These Snap Buckles make for a quick and proper fitment when strapping down or removing the braces.

– The Fluid Tech braces have an incredibly slim feel thanks to the carbon polymer structure when compared to other knee braces composed of carbon fiber, plastic, or aluminum.

– With ventilation on the thigh and calf regions of the braces, there are plenty of spaces in between the sturdy frame to keep your legs cool.

– The Fluid Knee Braces are equipped with extension stops to limit the range of extension. Five different stops (all included) allow various extension lengths-a great feature if the rider has a past knee injury.

The extension Stops on the inside and outside of the knee hinge come in five different sizes, ultimately allowing the rider to change the amount of extension of the unit-a great tool for riders with past knee injuries.

– Velcro straps are the fitment tool on the braces making for a fast, strong and comfortable application. Plus, velcro isn’t bulky like other ratchet systems.

Even when the rider’s knee is angled, the Fluid Carbon Braces offer full protection with two different pieces to cover the rider’s patella.


– The Fluid Braces are a bit lengthy, so for some, the tall stature might be too much when it comes to comfort and a proper fit.

– While the Snap Buckles were a great idea for a quick application, the actual buckling and unbuckling was tough. Also, it’s hard to tell when the buckles are actually engaged or not due to the fact that they make next to no clicking sound.

The Verdict

The Fluid Tech Carbon Knee Braces are the perfect combination of strength and comfort. And with cool features like the Snap Buckles, Extension Stops and multiple fitment options, combined with an affordable price, these knee braces are sure to make their way to the top of the food chain.