Pro Circuit Ti-6 Titanium Exhaust System


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APPLICATION: All late-model four-strokes (tested here on the 2015 Suzuki RM-Z450)
PRICE: $999.95

Designed specifically for racing at the highest levels, the Pro Circuit Ti-6 titanium exhaust system can be found on the bikes of many racers. Constructed from titanium throughout with a carbon fiber muffler cap, the system is not only designed to save weight, but be durable as well. While it isn't made to pass the strict AMA/FIM sound regulations of the professional ranks, the Ti-6 system is the perfect choice for the average rider or racer.

-Much lighter than the stock system
-Easy to install, as the entire system fit perfectly without any trouble
-Power is improved all throughout the power curve. With the exhaust installed, the power is strong off the bottom, yet smoothed out. It pulls much further than stock without falling flat
-Exhaust note isn't loud and obnoxious
-Comes with a spark arrestor that can be easily removed
-We've been using this system for nearly six months now, and the performance and durability is second to none

-On any titanium system, the head pipe dents easily when roosted by rocks
-Carbon fiber and titanium can show wear and tear easily

It goes without saying that Pro Circuit produces some of the best exhaust systems on the market, and after testing the new Ti-6 titanium system, that fact has been solidified for us. The system has improved the power of our 2015 RM-Z450 by smoothing out the delivery for a more controllable ride, while adding power throughout and allowing the bike to rev further. The amount of weight savings is also an added benefit.

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