Chris Blose has been around motocross and Supercross for some time now and knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a living riding dirt bikes. However, 2014 is starting off a little rough for him as he didn’t get signed to a team. He is doing everything on his own with the help of a few select people and he has plans to turn his situation around sooner than later with good results.

Rider Name: Chris Blose

Age: 26

Years Pro: 10

Bike Number: 68

Mechanic’s Name: Donny Plouffe

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Sponsors: A1 Fire Sprinklers, NFab, 100%, Freegun, Race Tech, FMF, Phit, Deft Family, Works Connection, Sidi and The Pit.

Why do you struggle as a privateer?

I mainly struggle as a privateer because of the fact that I have such low funds to support my racing. To be able to turn this sport into a paying career takes a lot of support from a lot of people like sponsors, family members and other racers.

Sponsors are a necessity for us racers because they either pay us or allow free or discounted parts for our bikes. Also, having some sort of support system is a huge thing to have, whether it be your parents, friends, wife or girlfriend-a support system can make all the difference in the world in this struggle.