Brandon Scharer is a young man on a quest to turn his years of racing experience into a full-blown career as a professional racer. Although easier said than done, Scharer and his family have been willing to sacrifice just about anything to reach the dream of one day landing on a well-supported team and putting in results, finally making a name for himself. Scharer is on his second go-around with Supercross and is really starting to look good. Check out what he had to say as we spoke with him in the pits at A1.

Rider Name: Brandon Scharer

Age: 19

Years Pro: 2

Bike Number: 397

Mechanic’s Name: Me and My dad, Paul Scharer

Hometown: Gardena, CA

Sponsors: Answer Racing, Yoshimura Exhaust, VonZipper, Race Tech, Hinson, DNA, Maxima Oils, L.A. Cycle Sports and Velocity Gym.

Why do you struggle as a privateer?

As a privateer, it’s extremely hard to keep up with factory supported race bikes. Obviously money is the root problem here, but besides that, purchasing, maintaining and fixing your own race bike is very costly. Even if you have a well known engine builder to build you a modified motor, it still won’t even compare to the top funded race team’s equipment.

Besides trying to keep up with sub-par equipment, the cost of just about everything else involved in racing is astronomical. Even if you have sponsors helping you out, very little is free and is at a discounted price most of the time, instead.

Last year when I would make the night show, I would make about $230, which didn’t cover a whole lot other than the entry fee of $200. It’s sad because our sport is diminishing each year as the lack of privateers is really starting to show. Since I’m a privateer, I really notice now why it’s such a fight to stay afloat and with the overwhelming cost of Supercross and motocross, it’s no wonder why the top teams are becoming more and more dominant.