The Siminoe name has been around the amateur scene for years and Aaron Siminoe is now on the quest for a career as a professional motocross/Supercross racer. Aaron has been on the privateer trek for two years now and has high hopes for his future as a racer. We caught up with Aaron as he was preparing for track-walk at the opening round of the 2014 Supercross series in Anaheim.

Rider Name: Aaron Siminoe

Age: 20

Years Pro: 2

Bike Number: 360

Mechanic’s Name: Zach Kisman

Hometown: Reno, Nevada

Sponsors: Fly Racing, Thousand Oaks Powersports, Factory Backing, Hinson Clutches, Motion Pro, Sidi and Dunlop Tires.

Why do you struggle as a privateer?

Probably one of the main struggles that we as privateers deal with is having to purchase everything ourselves with next to no help at all. Everyone knows how expensive this sport can be even at a “weekend warrior” level-let alone at a professional level. Personally, I’ve been living off of PB&Js just to save money to be able to make it to Anaheim 1 and we can’t forget about the traveling, either. Those two things take a serious toll on everyone and everything we do-maybe getting to ride once or twice a week, if I’m lucky, and then driving to each and every race.

Life is unbelievably hard for us, but I can’t thank everyone enough that has helped to get me where I am today to chase my dreams.