While we may still be in 2012, it is the time of year when most (if not all) gear manufacturers release their newest lines of racewear to the general public. Particular colorways and styles have trickled out on the professional racers and in magazine photos, but some new ideas are kept somewhat under wraps until the time is right. Rather than let their creations leak out in a simple press release, One Industries rented K1 Speed in Carlsbad and opened the doors to the media for a proper introduction. Who could say no to free go-karts, lunch, and gear?

The latest trend in motocross gear is thin, minimalistic apparel. Gloves with little-to-no padding, jerseys with sublimated graphics and logos, and even boots designed to vent more and weigh less than the conventional offerings. Lost in the weight shavings spree are pants, still clad in bulky TPR patches and heavy stretch panels. Until now, that is. The elite brands have begun to re-tool their pants by doing away with massive rubber areas, but none have gone to the lengths of One Industries and their “Vapor” line. First seen on Jason Anderson at the San Diego Supercross, the pants are created from a boardshort material, feature Velcro closures and adjustments, and weigh in at less than one pound. The patent-pending design is One’s signature product for 2013, aimed at dedicated racers searching for any advantage on the track.

One also displayed the rest of their 2013 collection, including the Defcon line, the Gamma helmet, and new casual clothing, which is a hit around the TW offices. Check our photos from the day and head to http://www.oneindustries.com/ to see the rest of what the San Diego crew has in store.

One Industries rented out K1 Speed in Carlsbad, CA, to introduce the 2013 line to the media, before letting us bang around on the karts.

With this simple system, One Industries show the massive weight difference between their new "Vapor" line and the competition's premium pant. The average moto pants clocks in at around two and half pounds, while the minimalistic pants come in under one pound.

Despite what you may think, you cannot get away with wearing a t-shirt everyday. For those occasions, One has you dialed with their "upscale" shirts. We back them.

One has also begun to dip their toes into the cycling market, as many of their products cover both sports. Be on the look out for ONE Bike to launch soon.


One's CEO, Duncan Robins, gave a short presentation on One's marketing and business plans for the upcoming year while those in attendance scanned the catalogs. Despite being a relatively young brand, One has grown from their graphic roots.