Norwegian rally driver Mads Ostberg fell short of breaking Travis Pastrana's world record for longest jump in a rally car, but his 197-foot jump reportedly set a different world record Saturday night: Longest snow jump in a rally car. Watch as Ostberg, with passenger Jonas Andersson, reaches 93 mph and soars through the air, like a snowboarder, but without any triple corks or other tricks:

Ostberg, currently fourth in the World Rally Championship standings, soared 171 feet in a jump last year around the same time. So he improved on that jump, but he fell well short of Pastrana's record 269-foot jump. Still, he wasn't too disappointed.

"We needed to do more than [93 mph], but anyway, [197 feet] meters is still a long jump and it feels good," Ostberg said afterward.

According to a Red Bull report, the soft snow at the Trysil ski resort in Norway prevented Ostberg from getting the car to its optimal speed. Organizers spent the day hosing the slope in an attempt to turn the ramp into ice to help his speed, but to no avail.

Asked how it felt to soar through the air, Ostberg replied, "It's a special feeling, but basically you just want to be there a bit longer. You hope you fly a bit more, a bit more, and you really don't want to land."

For a view from inside the car during the jump, go to the 4:10 mark of this video. Looks like it was a wild ride.