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In the last few years we’ve noticed an increase of mouthguard use by professional racers. A staple item in contact sports, the small piece of protective equipment has never really been that popular in motocross, as some say it prevents riders from breathing correctly and others simply feel that the pieces are uncomfortable. We wouldn’t be surprised to see more riders wearing mouthguards in the next few years, because sport science studies show that it may help in the prevention of concussions that come from the jaw “clicking” when impacted. Joey Savatgy and Justin Bogle are two current pros that wear mouthguards that like other parts of their gear, are completely custom-fit.

Like any piece of protective equipment, a mouthguard is a matter of personal preference. Some of our staff wears them when riding and others don’t. If a mouthguard sounds like something you may want, we recommend getting one that is molded to perfectly fit with you teeth and jaw. An ill-fitting piece will just become something else at the bottom of your gear bag.