I’ve been kicking this idea around for awhile and I guess today’s the day that we’re going through with it. If you’re like me, a mid-twenty something dude that has an eye on motocross and hip-hop music, then you’ve seen the two very different cultures cross over at certain points in history. The first memory I have of seeing something MX-related away from the track was the AXO jersey that Will Smith wore during an episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. I was about eight years old at the time but damn, it made me feel like a bit less of a kook to wear my jersey to elementary school. Since then, I’ve noticed pieces that could have been right out of a gear bag on rappers and the like (my favorite to date is when members of the Wu-Tang Clan wore Answer Racing riding gloves on stage), a trend that’s no doubt influenced in part by the wheelie culture of the inner cities (no, I’m not promoting or condoning what they do, discussing where the bikes come from, etc. Just putting out what I see). Want to know how I’m not completely full of shit? Remember that Pete Fox of the Fox Racing family was once the President of the Yeezy clothing line owned by Kanye West and pieces of the third release collections were motocross pants minus the logos.

Lately, the biggest presence has been in music videos by artists like A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, and the Migos. Rocky has hinted at dirt bikes in rhymes for a while, Travi$ Scott ran wares from Fox, Troy Lee Designs, and 100% in one music video and had RJ Wageman riding in the background of another video, and Quavo paired neon Fox Racing boots with 100% goggles for the “Motorsport” video.

And yeah, I know that this will wind up with some trash talking in the comments, but so be it. The site blew up when I posted the Justin Bieber Honda-Suzuki inspired merch from his tour last year, but it’s always interesting to see how our little sport extends out into the mainstream and I’m good with hate if it comes with a page view.

Obviously, this is rap, so be wary of some explicit language…