APPLICATION: All bikes, tested here on a 2002Honda CR250R

PRICE: $148.00


Take a stroll through the pits at a major professional event, and one thing you’ll see on almost all of the top bikes are Moto Tassinari Delta V-Force Reed Valves. We tested this product last year on our 2001 Yamaha YZ250 test bike and were delighted with the results, but upon recommendation from Mike LaRocco’s mechanic Paul DeLaurier, we decided to try one out on our new 2002 Honda CR250R as well.


In stock condition, the CR250R’s all-new case-reed engine produces good all-around power, but the motor tends to have a Jekyll and Hyde personality. When jetted crisp and clean, the engine has snappy low-end power and good mid-range, but falls flat on top. If you jet it rich, it runs a little fat and sluggish down low but screams like a banshee up top. We bolted on a V-Force in hopes of finding a good compromise.

Installing the V-Force on a Honda CR250R requires more work than other models, as you must trim off the two rubber support arms that extend from the carburetor manifold into the stock reed cage. Though the instructions suggest using a hacksaw, we recommend using a razor blade and exercising plenty of patience.

The differences between the stock reed valve and the V-Force are quite apparent. In addition to having adjustable reed stops that allow you to increase or decrease the amount of tension on the reed pedals, the V-Force actually has twice the reed tip surface with its four-reed design.

We ran the bike with pump gas and could instantly tell that the V-Force yielded a huge improvement. With our fatter jetting (410 main) installed, the V-Force cleaned up the low-end throttle response and, as a whole, gave the powerband a clean, responsive feel. Throttle response became instantaneous and the bike pulled hard through the meat of the powerband. On top, we were shocked to find that it pulled even further than stock.

Don’t waste your money on a CR250R pipe; few are better than the stocker. Instead, slap a V-Force Reed Valve onto your bike, you’ll be glad that you did!

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