Valentino Rossi is regarded by many as the greatest Moto GP racer of modern times, and in this episode of Monster Energy’s Valentino Rossi: The Doctor Series, they visit him as he trains aboard a converted Yamaha YZ450F during the week at his ranch in Tavullia. Even if you’re not a road racing fan, the action in this video will get your heart pounding!

Those attempting to explain or find the reason for Valentino Rossi's remarkable longevity at the pinnacle of the cut-and-thrust world of MotoGP perhaps need not look any further than the two mile strip of dirt track a short distance outside his hometown of Tavullia.

'The Ranch' – an adopted name from the training and riding land created and populated by the stylish Americans that littered Grand Prix racing through the 1980s and early 1990s – is where Rossi has preserved his mojo, maintained his flame for racing, riding and competition and updated his arsenal of skills on the racetrack to move with the shifting technical landscape of MotoGP and new waves of challengers.

Over the last four years much has been made of this refuge that Rossi has used and embraced to not only preserve his status as one of the fastest motorcycle racers in the world but also establish a legacy – through the VR46 Academy – that will stretch even further into the annals of the sport, long after the '46' bikes start to gather dust. 

We take an exclusive trip to Tavullia to see how The Ranch began with chronicles of its creation owing to a land purchase by his father Graziano, the influence of golden age Grand Prix to tales of BBQs, bench-racing, and visits from some of the most renowned motorsports athletes. Valentino's inner circle and people who have cornered the layout in anger examine the facility's significance and importance not only for Rossi's career but the also extension of his profile and influence on others and the world of racing. 

This is the story of 'The Ranch' told by those who have tasted the dust. Click through for a special trip into the curves and camaraderie in the hills of Tavullia.