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Over the last few years, Feld Motorsports has given viewers an interesting look at the lives of professional racers on the Monster Energy Supercross Series with a series of documentaries titled Chasing The Dream and Behind The Dream. Shot on location at the races of the Supercross championship and at various training locations around the country, the riders in subject have shown that nearly every detail of their daily routine revolves around being ready for the next drop of the starting gate. There are fourteen episodes that span three seasons, and each full-length video has been posted to the Feld Motorsports YouTube channel to watch again.

We recently watched the series again from start to finish and we must say, it's incredible to see how much the sport has both changed and stayed the same in just a few short years. The film crews captured hundreds of interactions between riders, their teams and trainers, and now that we all know the outcomes of certain scenarios, it's incredible to see the way relationships and outlooks have developed. If you have some time to burn before the start of the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Series kicks off next weekend, we highly recommend giving these videos a look.

Supercross: Behind the Dream | Season One (2014)

Supercross: Behind the Dream | Season Two (2015)

Supercross: Chasing the Dream | Season One (2016)