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The addition of safety nets to the tracks during the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross Series has resulted in near-universal acclaim by riders on the track. Added to the backside of berms on the perimeter of the layout, the catch fence has come in handy for guys like Blake Baggett, Colton Aeck, Bradley Taft, and Michael Mosiman. If not for the net, riders would likely launch off of the berms and into the stadium walls or grandstands, which could result in injuries. At the 2018 Indianapolis Supercross, Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna rider Michael Mosiman made a small mistake on an obstacle and flew into the net during the final laps of the Timed Qualifying session. Unfortunately, Mosiman’s crash damaged the rig beyond repair and Dirt Wurx was forced to flatten the berm for the night’s racing.

But what does it feel like to go flying into the net? Knowing the Mosiman was uninjured by the incident, we caught up with him before the race to hear what went through his mind as he crashed.