Leatt GPX 3.5 Neck Brace | Product Report

Price: $249.99

What It Is

The Leatt Brace is the original neck brace in the sport, and the GPX 3.5 is the newest version of the brace that changed the way we all think about protective gear. The new brace features a polycarbonate shell with polyamide-reinforced EPS construction, as well as a visibly different design. The GPX 3.5 is the only brace in the Leatt line to feature a split design that is much more flexible. Both the helmet rim striking platform and rear thoracic strut are split at the rear, and held together by a flexible piece of rubber. Also unique to the GPX 3.5 is the brace's front open and closure design, which is operated by a large red button on the left side of the brace.


The $249.99 price tag is nice!

At around 500 grams, this is the lightest brace in the Leatt lineup, and it is comfortable and easy to forget after a few minutes.

The surface of the brace is lower and allows for more range of motion before your helmet comes into contact with it.

Each side of the brace has a cutout for collarbone clearance, which we greatly appreciate.

The surface of the brace is easy to clean and the new inlaid graphics are simple and appealing.


The release button is not easy to operate while the brace is worn. Though closing the brace around your neck is much more intuitive with the front opening design, getting it off takes some getting used to.

The Verdict

This is the lightest, most comfortable, and most affordable Leatt Brace made. We love it.