Larry Brooks | A New Chapter

Larry Brooks has had quite a career in the sport of motorcycle racing, both on and off the bike. Spanning multiple generations of racers, Larry has lined up with legends and also managed a plenty of the sport’s current icons. The past few years Larry has been off the radar, as he took a job at Chaparral building modified side-by-side vehicles and staying away from moto for a break from the sport. The itch always comes back, and he missed the rush of the races on the weekend. Flash-forward to this year, and Larry has landed a role as the team manager of the up and coming Blue Buffalo/Slater Skins Yamaha team. It’s just what he was looking for, and he’s found enjoyment trying to build a solid program from the ground up. We caught up with him at Blake Baggett’s ranch, and sat down for an interview on how everything has been going for him and the team.