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KTM and Husqvarna have issued recalls for all markets regarding their 2016 SX/SX-F and TC/FC model lines. The focus of one recall is on the front wheel spokes for all bikes, two-stroke and four-stroke, due to variations in the manufacturing process. Should a wheel be fitted with a bad spoke, there is a chance of failure that could cause other spokes to break. KTM addresses the issue in this press release…

KTM recalls Motocross bikes of the latest model year 2016 to the workshops of authorized KTM dealers in order to review and replace the front wheel spokes. During routine testing in ongoing production, KTM discovered that due to variations in the spoke manufacturing process, some spokes on the front wheels of 125, 150, 250 SX MY2016 and 250, 350, 450 SX-F MY2016 models may exhibit quality deviations.

Depending on where they are fitted in the wheel, care and spoke tension, it is possible that individual spokes may break while riding. This can overload the remaining intact spokes and consequently break them.

Customers of affected and already distributed motorcycles are informed by a personal letter and are asked to immediately contact an authorized KTM dealer to arrange an appointment. In addition, customers can check online in the "Service" area on the KTM website if their motorcycle is affected by the recall.

The review or the replacement of the front wheel spokes or the affected front wheels can be carried out by authorized KTM dealers only. This check is a guarantees that is completely free of charge.

The second issue focuses on the KTM 125 SX and 150 SX, which have been found to have cracks in engine cases. This is not as widespread, instead focusing on certain VIN numbers. KTM addresses the issue in this press release, and all owners of these motorcycles have been notified…

Due to market feedback, KTM North America has found on the select 125 SX & 150 SX models a possibility that the right side engine crankcase may have cracks. This is caused from an incorrect assembling process during main bearing installation. This could lead to unwanted transmission oil entering the combustion chamber which will cause excessive exhaust smoking.

The assembly process has been corrected since the discovery of this possible defect. If a crack is present, the engine cases must be replaced. KTM North America is asking that all affected 125 SX & 150 SX motorcycles be inspected for potential cracks in the engine case following the procedures given later in this document. Please reach out and contact all of your customers who own affected motorcycles using any means possible to have the inspection completed as soon as possible.

NOTE: This Technical Bulletin only affects certain VIN numbers! Please check the VIN by performing a Motorcycle History search in KTM to determine if it's affected. If the motorcycle is affected you will see a link to the bulletin and its repair status in the history results. KTM North America will not warranty units whose VIN numbers are not linked to this bulletin as it does not apply to them. It is the responsibility of the dealer to determine if the unit requires this update by checking the vehicle history and understanding the instructions provided by this bulletin.

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Procedure for Inspection and Repair:

Inspection & possible replacement steps

  1. Please reference the Repair Manual found online in the Dealer.Net download center, or DVD part number 3.206.247 for detailed instructions and torque values.
  1. Drain the coolant and gearbox oil, then remove the kick starter, right side exhaust control cover, then the inner clutch cover (without removing the outer clutch cover).
  1. Perform a visual inspection of the entire area around the main bearing.
  1. If no cracking is visible on the circumference; take a photo of this for warranty claim submission, then begin re-assembly of the engine and other components in reverse order of disassembly.
  1. If cracking is visible (see Figure 1. & Figure 2.); the engine must be removed and the engine cases must be replaced.
  1. Remove the ignition cover and stator/rotor and complete clutch before removing the cylinder. To also help save time do not remove the piston from the connecting rod.
  1. Press in the new kick starter idler gear bushing on the engine case first, beveled edge facing the case. Then reassemble the engine in reverse order of disassembly, observe the torques and fill the engine oil and coolant as stated in the repair manual. Test ride the motorcycle and verify correct operation and no leaks are present.
  1. If the engine cases are replaced, a photo showing the cracking must be uploaded to the warranty claim and the parts returned to the KTM Warranty Department with a claim copy.