Ken Block takes Gymkhana offroad with new Terrakhana video

Ken Block's Gymkhana in the middle of the Utah desert is just as awesome as it sounds.

No one would argue that Ken Block’s iconic Gymkhana series was lacking anything -- except maybe Block himself. But with Block’s latest version of the video series morphing into Terrakhana, one could see that taking Gymkhana off-road was something we can all get on board with.

Heading to Swing Arm City, Utah, Ken Block takes his trusty rally car and propels it with the same style of driving in previous Gymkhanas to that of a giant sand desert with rock faces and cliffs.

As Block said in an interview with, "It's basically taking that driving style that I do in the Gymkhana videos and applying it in other unique situations. This new one ('Terra' meaning earth) … we're doing it in a unique dirt-type situation. I've always wanted to take that driving style and do different things with it."

While this initial Terrakhana is just shy of five minutes, it is certainly high on the action scale. And we’re certain Block will be bringing us more of this style of videos in the future, which is a wonderful thing.

Ken Block whipping it around in the Utah desert.

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