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Josh Grant has experienced nearly every high and low possible for a professional racers. The Southern California native was one of the top amateur talents in the early 2000s and then landed a spot with Factory Connection Honda as a rookie. Success came quickly for JG, as he claimed his share of victories in both the 250 and 450 classes and moved on to some of the best factory teams in the paddock. But out of the spotlight, life was less than ideal. First was the realization that Grant’s mother, whom he already had a strained relationship with, drained over a million dollars from his person bank account due to a gambling addiction, and then a long string of injuries which made him question if racing was even worth the risk.

Intersection, a new documentary filmed by Kyle Cowling and Phantos Media, shows every gritty detail of the past decade for Grant. This level of transparency is rare in motocross, especially by someone that still lines up behind the gate, but straightforward remarks and brutal honesty are what we’ve come to expect from Josh Grant. The trailer is posted below and the full film is available for purchase or rent now through Vimeo On Demand.

Intersection: The Story of Josh Grant from Phantasos Media on Vimeo.