Filmed/Edited: Casey Davis | @air_d617

Throughout the last decade or so, freestyle motocross has experienced an unrelenting rate of progression that has in turn sent the sport into a limbo of sorts, as many of the athletes are no longer willing to literally risk life and limb in the midst of a contest. Essentially, young up-and-coming riders that still have dreams of pursuing a career in FMX are seemingly given an ultimatum; either dedicate the majority of their seat-time to riding ramps and learning the multitude of insane tricks like the double backflip and the rock solid flip to hopefully make it into the diminishing number of FMX contests or get into the traveling FMX demo scene. Both of which are a far cry from the early days of freestyle, but there’s a new generation of FMXers that are attempting to take the sport into it’s next chapter, and in a direction that’s reminiscent of the Crusty Demons of Dirt days. Jimmy Hill (AKA Hillsack) is one of the few athletes that’s helping to move sport in this new direction, and recently we had the chance to sit down with Hillsack to discuss the current state of FMX at his home in Caliente, CA.

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