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At the 2018 season opener for the 250 East region, Jimmy Decotis accomplished something he had never done before in his career. He logged a third-place finish and landed on the podium. Decotis has put in his fair share of fourth place finishes, but for one reason or another, he consistently missed the podium. Needless to say, he was ready to put an end to this and get on the box. Amid the chaos of the 2018 Arlington Supercross, Decotis rode a clean race and ran a strong pace, finally earning the finish he was looking for. Of course, a win is still in his sights, but he and his new Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Team are taking things one step at a time to get there. 

So, no more fourth place?

Nope, I finally broke the streak and it felt really good. I did my best, I hit my marks, and I stayed out of the mess. Overall, I've got to get up there and prove these people wrong. That's just how it goes. Every weekend is a new weekend and as much as I wanted to be excited for it, I've got to move on and keep on rolling. I've got to keep that momentum up, that's all I can really do.

It's pretty safe to say that the debut on the Suzuki went well.
Yeah absolutely. I was happy and I had fun. I had my best career finish. It feels really good to me that these guys took a chance and it paid off for them. We didn't get a win at the first round, but we got a podium. It's something new for my career and I'm just happy to be where I'm at. I'm blessed, I really am.

Being on this new bike, how are you feeling on it so far?
I feel good. I've been a little tight now that I've put some expectations on myself, whereas that first weekend, I came in under the radar doing my thing. Overall though, I'm having fun and I've got to let myself come out of my shell and ride like myself.

Looking at this 250 class so far, it's been pretty chaotic so far. Do you foresee things calming down at all?
Yeah, it's going to. I think we're all trying to run up front and do our best. All I can do is control myself, I can't control what these other guys are doing. As long as I'm having a good time and riding like myself, that's the biggest thing. I need to have run and not put too many expectations on myself. Yeah, there might not be some big pileups or there could be again, who knows? I just have to focus on the laps I'm doing and feel comfortable with that.

Aside from the bike itself, how are you feeling with your new team?
At home, I would say. I feel really comfortable and confident with my bike. We make changes between practices if needed and it always seems to be a good change. I'm happy with it all. These guys don't put a lot of pressure on me, they just want me to go out there and ride like I can and get that bike on the podium. That's the main goal for now. We'll keep building and try to stay in this title chase. It'll be good to be in the mix of it when we go into the West break. That's the goal these next five rounds. Fight, fight, fight, that's our mentality here. Never give up.

As an East Coast guy, does it help having the team be based on the East as well?
I live in Charlotte – I guess technically Cornelius – full-time now. I love it there. It's just like being in Massachusetts for me. I'm super happy and content. I feel like it is a home for me. I wouldn't want to be on any other team or any other bike, and I think that really breeds success for an athlete when they have that confidence. I'm really thankful.