Jason Anderson

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If you've been paying close attention to the Internet lately, you already are well aware of Rockstar Energy KTM making the switch to Husqvarna for 2015 and beyond. You would also know that current team rider Jason Anderson will be the team's premier rider in the 450 class, fielding the FC450 against the best riders in the world. Since the deal was announced, we've seen Anderson out at various Southern California tracks, spinning laps on both his current KTM 250SX-F machine one day and then his future Husqvarna FC450 steed on another day. With this in mind, we decided to find out from Anderson why he's been switching it up lately—especially considering he's in the midst of the current season.

Jason Anderson

Anderson has been switching it up during the week this summer.

On why he has been riding the 450 so much…
“I've been riding the 450 quite a bit. I think it's good to have the 450 as a practice tool. A lot of the guys in the 250 class do that. It's especially good for me, because it's the bike that I'm going to be racing next year, and this way I can get more comfortable on it, and I can do a little bit of testing on it for next year. I think everything is going well, and I'm just pumped that I'm able to ride the 450 as much as possible. I'm a bigger dude, so I like riding the 450.”

On suspension settings…
“Husqvarna gave me their setting. It's basically what WP thinks is the best setting to start off with, so that's what I'm running right now. At this point in the season, it's kind of hard to get any testing done and still try to do work for the race weekend. I still do a little bit of testing on the 250 to try and get it better for the race weekends, but as far as the 450 goes, it's more of just a training tool for me.”

Jason Anderson

Get used to this… Anderson will be on the Husqvarna 450 full-time in 2015.

On moving to the 450 class…
“I have three more races left on the 250, so I'd really like to get a win. I feel like I've been getting better, and any moto where I haven't crashed or done anything dumb, I've been on the box. I definitely think that I could be up there. I just need to get good starts. But as far as moving onto the 450, I'm stoked. I think that it's everyone's goal to be a premier guy in the 450 class and get a factory ride. I feel like I've accomplished that, and now it's time to just do work and train hard. I want to get on the podium in the 450 class; it would be really, really rad.”

Jason Anderson

“I think that it's everyone's goal to be a premier guy in the 450 class and get a factory ride. I feel like I've accomplished that, and now it's time to just do work and train hard.”

On the 450 vs the 250…
“At this point in my career, the power of the 450 makes it more enjoyable to ride. I feel like we're so fine-tuned as athletes and motocross racers, that every little bit makes a difference—especially when you're on a 250. You're trying to get everything you can out of a 250, but once you get to a 450, you have the power to hit stuff easier and it makes it really fun to ride. You're not stretching stuff out, you can kind of scrub more things, and you can rest a little in the air. When the track gets rough, though, the 450 can be a beast. When the track gets rough on a 250, that's when you enjoy it more, because you can kind of throw it around a little. There are positives and negatives about the whole thing, but I'm stoked to ride a 450 because I'm a bigger dude, and I think it'll be good for me.”