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Kristen Beat

After X-Games you are most likely to find your favorite athletes in state of comatose, completely exhausted and more than willing to hibernate for the following weeks. Todd Potter is no such creature. After succeeding to bring home a gold medal in Best Whip, and a bronze in Freestyle, you may dare say Potter is the new king of the jungle and he’s ready for more.

I had the chance to briefly catch up with him and hear all about what’s going on in the life of Todd (which by the way would be an extremely entertaining reality show- trust me, are you listening MTV? ).

Can you describe your experience at X-Games this year?
My experience was really good. I think getting two medals out of three events went over really well. I’m pretty stoked I put in the hard work and it came out good for me.

How much time do you spend preparing for an event like X-Games?
Before X-Games I’ll ride twice a day every day about two or three months before. I do other cross training stuff like bicycle riding, a little but of gym action, just stay on top of my game.

Do you think the judging was valid in placing Kyle Loza higher than Bilko in best trick?
I think Loza had a really good performance and everything but if you’re going off the innovation of the trick, Bilko should have won.

Do you think Travis Pastrana’s Rodeo 720 is possible for any athlete?
I think it’s a little bit before it’s time, but you’ll definitely see some good crashes from guys trying to go for it.

What can we expect for next year?
I plan on competing in every event that I did this year, but add step up & truck racing.

Truck racing eh, could you elaborate on that?
I have a ’98 F-150 with suspension, I’m going to build a track and get good, then come out and find a ride.

Is there anything you’re working on now?
I’m going to be working on stuff all year long. I really want to get a 360 down and get it a little more like a bmx 360. Bilko’s are pretty good. I also am going to try some other stuff too, but that’s top secret okay?

Got it, ok thanks for your time Todd!

Editor’s Note: Think only heros get their own action figures? Damn straight they do! Keep an eye out for a Todd Potter figurine at a store near you.

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