When Husqvarna announced its rebirth late last year, everyone was excited at the opportunity to see the historic brand back in action at the races. And when the 2014 MXGP season began in March, fans were treated to exactly that, as the Ice One Factory Husqvarna racing team put forth a top-tier effort aimed at competing with the best. Unfortunately, the team has been plagued with injuries this season with Tyla Rattray injuring his thumb, and then Australia MXGP rookie Todd Waters crashing and breaking his collar bone, hip, and tib/fib. Since then, the team has hired replacement riders with one being Australian Dean Ferris. While we were at the Uddevalla Grand Prix this past weekend, we managed to get a closer look at Ferris’ machine. And it is easily one of the trickest in the paddock.

After missing the start of the outdoor series in America, Ferris was drafted to the Ice One team, and prior to Uddevalla, he only had four days of riding on the FC350 that he will be competing on for the remainder of the season. Since Ferris recently came off riding a KTM 250SX-F, the FC350 was chosen for its broad strong power that is easy to control.

The European Husqvarna team is a full factory effort and receives the same amenities as any other top team in the paddock. Ferris’ bike is a piece of art, featuring a full carbon subframe, the unobtainable WP airshock, linkage starting device, and internal engine mods.

Ferris elects to run the WP Airshock, and the team claims that the adjustability of it provides a much wider range of bump absorption, soaking up rough chop while also withstanding hard hits.

FMF supports the Ice One Husqvarna effort with special exhaust systems designed to pass the strict FIM sound regulations. This photo as shows the full carbon fiber subframe. Word is that the 2015 U.S. versions of the Husqvarna bikes will come equipped with a carbon composite subframe.

The team says that this linkage arm can be locked out for starts. In doing so, the rear of the bike is pulled down to help keep the power to the ground.

Ferris’ bike is equipped with very powerful factory Brembo brakes on the front and rear.

On the surface the factory FC350 engine may look similar to stock, however, it is not. The team’s shop in Lommel, Belgium, has done a lot of work to the engine, making it more than capable of competing with 450s. As you likely already know, the bike comes equipped with a hydraulic clutch and electric start.