Fly Racing FR5 Boot

Price: $269.95

Part of the gear debuted at the FLY Racing Summer Camp in Idaho included an all-new boot, the FLY Racing FR5. Designed for the “mid-range” market, the kicks boast a number of “high-end” features including a dual hinge on the inside and outside of the ankle for support, contoured TPU pieces that protect the lower leg and foot from impact and unexpected energy, aluminum buckles that tailor the fit and secure the closure, and rubber outer soles that withstand abuse. We had only one day of riding in the FR5 boots, so while we don’t consider this a full long-term review, our initial impression warranted a write-up.


– With copious amounts of foam around the ankle and roomy foot area, the FR5 boots are very comfortable. Sizing seems spot on, as we didn’t feel tightness or hot spots anywhere on our feet or ankles. Getting the boots to fit snug a rider’s legs was easy via the adjustable straps. The gaiter at the top does well at preventing dirt and debris from getting inside.

– Thanks to the dual hinge, we were able to ride in the boots without restriction or stiffness but still felt the necessary support. Dual hinged boots require little to no break-in time and we felt comfortable in the FR5 kicks right away. The only setback with this immediate comfort is wondering how long will a pair last until they feel worn out? That’s something we’ll need to address in a long-term test.

– The materials for the FR5 are resilient against impacts and abuse, while still offering comfort and support. We could feel the controls through the rubber soles and plastic shift panels, but the not the energy from hard landings and impacts. The rubber pieces that make contact with the motorcycle frame offered plenty of grip. With these materials, the boots boast CE approval to EN13634:2015 standards.


– The dual hinge of the FR5 might actually offer too much free range in movement, as our test riders and others that we talked to noted the strap over the ankle needed to be very tight in order to offer the support they desired. If one didn’t get the strap to the right setting, they felt like the bottom part of the boot around the foot and the top part around the lower leg were disconnected.

– The aluminum buckles are not particularly easy to operate, especially when lots of torque is applied to it in order to obtain a snug fit.


Fly Racing has expended its 2019 offerings and invested in several new products for motocross; the new FR5 boot being one of them. Though not a premium-level offering in the boot category, the FR5 is a great value for $269.95 as it offers very good protection and support, a comfortable fit and conservative good looks.