Doing a flip over a speeding car is an extremely dangerous feat in itself. But doing a backflip over one with your back to the car coming at you? Now that’s just downright ludicrous. But Hollywood stuntman Damien Walters did just that and lived to tell the tale.

Done in Mexico City as an effort to promote the upcoming Formula E racing series (racing’s all-electric class), Walters and stunt driver Alistair Whitton ran through hours of dry runs to get the timing exactly right. Too early or too late and the result would be tragic.

Damien Walters mid-air with the craziest backflip we've ever seen.

Damien Walters mid-air with the craziest backflip we’ve ever seen.

The stunt duo’s death-defying feat was executed perfectly. We can easily say this is the craziest backflip any human has ever done.

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