Working Class Hero | Kinser Endicott

With Anaheim 1 approaching, the hype is always centered around the big names in the sport. These guys are obviously who the fans want to see, and the top riders will always be the coming attraction that sells the tickets and drives the sport’s growth. What most people don’t get to see are the amount of guys chomping at the bit to be that next guy in line for a ride, and these riders are the backbone of professional racing. They are the relatively unknown riders that are grinding it out just the same as the top guys, and doing it all on a privateer budget and limited resources. While shooting Pala Supercross recently, we sat down with Kinser Endicott who is a Northern California privateer who is preparing for his rookie Supercross season. Kinser is a great representation of a guy that just wants to live his dream and will do what it takes to line up at the highest level of racing, and he has been driving back and forth from Northern California to Southern California just to sharpen his Supercross skills in preparation for this weekend, all while maintaining a job that doesn’t involve being a professional rider. Hear what it’s like to be one of the guy’s you’ll see at Anaheim that comes in as an unknown.

Let's start off with your name, age, and where you're from.

Kinser Endicott, 19 years old, and I'm from Roseville California.

Working Class Hero | Kinser Endicott

So you're currently in Southern California doing the pre-season Supercross prep, are you living here full time?

No, I'm not. I just come down here week to week and stay at Stapo MX and just go to all the different Supercross tracks. It's actually pretty cool because I get to ride with all the factory guys and see what they're doing and judge off of them.

Talk about your plans for 2016.

This year will be my rookie season in Supercross. I just want to go out there and basically make it through the whole season without getting hurt, make all of the night shows, and try to make some mains for sure.

Working Class Hero | Kinser Endicott

So who helps you out to make this possible?

 Well I just got picked up to be on the Blue Buffalo/Slater Skins/Herrera Ranch Yamaha team. Ill be the B rider, and Michael Leib will be the A guy for the West Coast 250 season.

Do you feel like you'll be able to learn a lot from being around a guy like Michael Leib?

 Yeah, definitely. I really want to learn as much as I can from him and Larry Brooks, and hopefully I can just get better and progress.

Working Class Hero | Kinser Endicott

So you're a pretty fair representation of a privateer guy that is trying to make a name in this sport. With limited resources, how does a guy like you go about accomplishing his goals?

 Well I've been a privateer practically my whole life so I'm used to it, but it's definitely harder. I kind of have to manage all my sponsors myself, and get money built up wherever I can. I've just been doing it all on my own, but recently I got some help from my Dad and Larry (Brooks) is helping me out with this new team so I'm definitely starting to get some help. Still a privateer in many ways, and it's very tough.

Talk about your relationship with Soul id, they have a unique social platform that is action sports based. You had some support with them and ran their helmet at a few Outdoor races, are they a personal sponsor?

 They helped me out with Outdoors this year, and that turned out great. They raised quite a bit of money for me, got me that helmet and had it painted with their logo on it. It was actually really cool, just having them wanting to get me to as many places as they could and just help me out. They're definitely a cool group of people and they are trying to get their website going too. Check out or you can download their app.

Wrapping this up, what is the single toughest thing you encounter when trying to prepare for the highest levels of racing at a privateer level?

Honestly, it's the fitness. I have a job; I am the machine operator at a track in Marysville, CA. The owner lets me have some time off to train, but it's still just so hard to pay your bills, and find time after work to train, then in between all that go down south to ride the Supercross tracks. It's hard to put together, but I'm going to make it happen.

Working Class Hero | Kinser Endicott

No factory rigs here, just privateer hustle. Keep an eye out for the #381 and the other privateers out there grinding at Anaheim this weekend.