Like the rest of you, we’re anxiously waiting for Red Bull and Ken Roczen’s remake of Jeremy McGrath’s part from Terrafirma 2 to drop. But instead of repeatedly hitting refresh on Red Bull’s YouTube page, we decided to hunt for old clips from the iconic FOX video series. And we hit the jackpot. FOX uploaded full clips from the flicks to their Vimeo page back in 2009 and since then our productivity has come to a halt. If you’ve got some time to kill tonight, we highly recommend going through the all of the archived footage from the eight films…

Terrafirma I

Ezra Lusk

Castillo Ranch

Kids on the Couch

Doug Henry

Pismo Beach

Robbie Reynard

Terrafirma II

Jeremy McGrath

Donny Schmidt

Ezra Lusk & Ricky Carmichael

1995 Nationals

Terrafirma III

1996 Supercross

Road Trip

Robbie Reynard

1996 Nationals

Terrafirma IV


Jeremy McGrath

Kevin Windham

Mike Metzger

Terrafirma V

US Open


1998 Nationals

Mike Cinqmars

Castillo Ranch

Terrafirma VI

Travis Pastrana

Mike Cinqmars

Jeff Emig & Mike Cinqmars


Motocross of Nations

Terrafirma FLY


1996 Anaheim SX

1996 Gainesville MX



Steve Lamson

Wrath Child

Seth Enslow

Travis Pastrana

Mike Alessi

RC & Lusk

Ronnie Faisst