The Fox Racing V3 Helmet is all new for 2015, and it boasts many of the same features as the premium V4, including the MIPS system.

Product Report | Fox Racing V3 Helmet

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Sizes: XS-XL

Price: $449.95


The Fox Racing V3 is all new for 2015 and  becomes the MX15 line’s second high-end helmet offering. Eagle-eyed race fans may have noticed that Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey has been wearing a V3 throughout most of the season, as he prefers its fit over that of the V4, which is worn by his teammate Ken Roczen. The new V3 features massive venturi vents, dual-tone graphics (gloss and matte), and the MIPS internal safety system to help minimize rotational impact brain injuries.

How does the MIPS system work? The MIPS insert is a slippery insert that is placed between the helmet’s EPS and comfort liner. Anchored in place by several stretchy posts, the MIPS insert allows the comfort liner to slide several millimeters in every direction in the event of an impact. When you slip the helmet on, it is actually possible to feel the MIPS insert slipping around and allowing the helmet to rotate if you apply rotational pressure to the chin bar.

The V4 will be released in mid-September, but we’ve been lucky enough to have been riding in one for several weeks now.

Pull back the comfort liner, and you can see the MIPS insert. It may not look like much, but the insert is super slippery and allows the comfort liner (and your head) to slide several millimeters in every direction inside the helmet in the event of a rotational impact.


– The V3 has a distinctly different fit than the V4, as the chinbar seems to be spaced further away from the rider’s face.

– The comfort level is high, as the comfort liner inside the helmet is soft to the touch and also does a great job of absorbing sweat.

– The sizing of the new V3 is larger than that of the original. If you wear a medium V4, you’ll wear a medium V3.

– The venting system works marvelously. The V3 is one of the coolest helmets you can wear, as it flows plenty of air around your head.

– The MIPS system in theory, is practical and easy to understand and appreciate. We haven’t crashed in our helmet just yet, but we have high confidence in it’s newfound ability to protect from rotational impact brain injuries.

– When you slip the helmet on, it is possible to activate the MIPS insert by pushing and pulling on the chin bar. Though getting the liner to move is easy enough in the pits, it does not translate into extra movement on your head while riding.

– As is the case with all Fox helmets, the generous eyeport opening provides a more-than-ample field of vision.

– The graphics of our V3 are meant to perfectly compliment the blue Savant 360 gear. It looks awesome!


– The helmet visor doesn’t offer much adjustment. Some riders may prefer a higher setting.


The new Fox Racing V3 Helmet looks great, feels comfortable on your head, and boasts new MIPS technology that makes it safer than ever before. We love it!