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There’s one thing you can always count on with riding and racing motocross, and it is family being a huge part of it. Local to both Northern (home) and Southern California (current home) scenes, the Mosiman brothers are a shining example of two dudes that not only have a good time riding and racing together, but have a strong sense of family matched with personalities that keep it fun at all times. Their family has traveled to most major amateur nationals for the past several years, and both brothers have moved through the ranks quickly, racking up numerous championships in the process. Josh, 19, is about to make his pro debut at Hangtown in the next couple weeks, while Michael, 16, is set to hit select amateur events leading up to Loretta Lynn’s to race the A class with backing from Rockstar Husqvarna. Josh runs the number 242, and Michael runs 342. Both wear FOX gear, both are on Husqvarna motorcycles, and it’s definitely easy to confuse the two! They certainly aren’t short on speed, and recently while at Milestone during a fast Wednesday we caught up with the two for an interview on what it’s like to be a fast family and what sets them apart. Look for Josh Mosiman racing the pro class out at our 2016 TWMX Trans-Am this weekend at Glen Helen Raceway. We’ll see you there!

Why did you let your little brother beat your lap times out there today?

Josh: Well, basically, Mike and I train together, ride together, do a lot of things together, and we also have to live together. Michaels a very competitive guy, and I'd like to think of myself as a very humble guy, so…

Michael: Josh, you're being way too serious right now, this isn't good!

Josh: No, no, this is good. You know I'm a humble guy and usually when I get to the track I don't want to put Michael to shame so I let him get the lap time, for the most part.

Michael: I think you just took that a little too far.

Fast Family | Josh and Michael Mosiman

Who's better at whips?

Michael: Well, it depends on the jump, the time of day, who's scared and who's not. I'd definitely say me though. (Laughs)

Josh: I would say if we go through the Instagram, and we go through the photo books over the years, it's consistently me on the whip game. For me, when it's a whip day, I'm the guy where it really depends on the time of day, sun location, and what I ate for breakfast. Those three things determine how big I throw the whip.

Michael: I think he spends way more time on the whip game than I do. I focus on lap times.

Fast Family | Josh and Michael Mosiman

When did you guys get your first dirt bikes?

Josh: I was six, and Michael was three. I started out on an XR50 and he started out on a JR50. That's pretty much where it started and I was faster than Michael every day up until not too long ago! (Laughs)

What was it like when the younger brother finally beat the bigger brother?

Michael: (Smiling) Ok, let me share this story of the day the tables turned, and little bro became faster than big bro. We were at Hollister Hills up in NorCal, and I was fresh on a 125 after moving up from my Supermini. It was a race, and we lined up on the same gate – probably 250B or something. I went down like five corners in, got back up and made my way through the entire field. I made my way to Josh who was leading, and passed him on the last lap with like two turns to go. It was really weird, because I wanted to celebrate, but he was super bummed. It was an intense day for sure.

Josh: Then there was the day that I got my 350, and I passed you on the sand track at MMX the first day on the bike.

Michael: Maybe?

See Josh? He won't remember when you were faster than him after that.

Josh: Yeah, see how that works? I try not to remember that day either! (Laughs) But was something that I always knew was going to happen, because ever since he was younger he was always going fast and kicking ass. It's something I think I always knew was coming, but I thought, "By then I'll be faster!"

Fast Family | Josh and Michael Mosiman

It always seems like younger brothers always want to outdo the older brother when its situations like that, though.

Josh: One thing I always think about is that we started riding at the same time, and I was six when he was three. He's had basically three more years as a kid riding.

Fast Family | Josh and Michael Mosiman


And you're both at a similar stage in your path of dirt bike racing, Josh making his pro debut at Hangtown and Michael racing national amateur A class with Rockstar Husvarna's support.

Michael: Yep, if everything goes perfect I'll be racing Hangtown next year.

And Josh, you had a quick jaunt into the workforce for a bit this year didn't you?

Josh: Yeah, my original plan was always to race Hangtown this year. Last year I struggled all week at Loretta's, and I had worked really hard all summer and all year preparing for it. After that it was a little bit of a bummer due to the results. Then Todd Hicks from FOX gave me a call and said he didn't want to take me from racing, but he had an opportunity to go work for them. It was one of those deals where all I've done is race motocross and go to school up to this point, and now I have an opportunity to make money in the industry that I love, but I don't even know if I can do it! I tried it out and lasted about three months, and as of right now I'm back at the track! (Laughs) I loved the job, and if it came down to it I could be there for a long time, but with the support I still had from my sponsors, friends and family, my parents, my trainer, we're back on the original plan to go pro at Hangtown this year.

Fast Family | Josh and Michael Mosiman


So you took a step back to assess where you wanted to be.

Josh: Exactly.

Fast Family | Josh and Michael Mosiman

And Michael, your Loretta's bound this summer like usual.

Michael: Yeah, Loretta's this year in the A-Class.

Who's better at picking up chicks?

Michael: Well, Josh is really picky. I guess you could say I'm really picky too. If there's a situation where the cashier is really cute, Josh is in that age bracket so I'm at a disadvantage to begin with because likely there won't be a 16 year old girl at the cashier, but then again he won't be able to pick her up either!! (Laughs)

Fast Family | Josh and Michael Mosiman

Fill me in, where are you seeing all these hot cashiers? Gas station attendants?

Michael: (Laughs) I mean waitresses, maybe like a nice coffee shop, places like that. He did pull a girl from the coffee shop once.

So you'll be at Hangtown cheering on your older brother?

Michael: Yes, I will be there. Ill be telling him all the slow lines to make sure he doesn't him them!

Fast Family | Josh and Michael Mosiman

And Josh, you'll be racing a handful of the nationals this summer?

Josh: Yep, racing all 12 rounds of the nationals, travelling it with my good friend and racer Jackson Richardson.

So will you go to Loretta's to cheer on the younger brother?

Josh: Probably, it just depends if he wants me to be there or not! (Laughs)

Who has better style? Michael has a bigger sunglasses collection, that's for sure.

Michael: Off-track, I like being flashy. But he's definitely more social, where I'm like "Hey, what's up? Gotta go!" (Laughs)

Fast Family | Josh and Michael Mosiman

Is your race craft similar?

Michael: I've always had a style on the 250 where I don't rev the bike out, but as far as battling? A battle is a battle, I don't know if we are much different.

Josh: When I'm trying to go fast on the 250 I rev it quite a bit, and Michael seems almost silent! We have a similar riding style, though.

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