Phil Nicoletti’s JGR Yamaha.

FACTORY EFFEX INC. Releases limited addition 1990's Retro graphics kits

Factory Effex is excited to release limited edition 1990's retro themed graphics kits for JGRMX and TwoTwo

Motorsports for this weekend's AMA Atlanta Supercross that will be hosted at the Atlanta Georgia Dome this

Saturday night; February 28th

"JGR and Yamaha Motor Corp were selective in the choices we provided them as options for this event" says

Scott Gilly, Vice President of Factory Effex. "And of course Chad Reed always has vital input on how his bike

looks on the track. Our brand was launched in the mid-90's and it was an exciting time in Supercross as things

really starting taking shape in our sport. It's great to put modern factory race bikes on the track this weekend

that emulate those of the 90's."

Factory Effex will produce a limited supply of these factory replica race kits that will be available March 2nd

Kits will include Shrouds, Tank, Air box and Trim graphics; optional seat covers and custom preprinted number

plate backgrounds also sold separately. To order flo-green factory replica plastics for TwoTwo Motorsport, visit White factory replacement plastics for JGRMX, can be ordered at Be sure to visit us at or visit your local authorized Factory Effex retailer to get your replica kit.

TwoTwo Motorsports Kawasakis.