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On Monday, May 14, Broc Tickle received word that his B sample from the San Diego Supercross also tested positive for “an Adverse Analytical Finding of methylhexamine,” a stimulant that is a common additive in some pre-workout supplements, but something that Tickle – to the best of his knowledge – has never consciously ingested. Shortly thereafter, the Red Bull KTM rider was summoned to the KTM headquarters in Temecula, California, where he was informed that his 2018 racing contract was being terminated, effective immediately.

Through it all – from the original notice of suspension on April 13 to the present – Tickle has maintained his innocence and has faith that the matter will be cleared up justly. Regarded by those who know him well as one of the hardest-working and most physically fit riders in the sport, the accusations of Tickle using PEDs just doesn’t make sense. TransWorld Motocross sat down with Tickle today in his Lake Elsinore, California, home, for an exclusive 20-minute conversation in which he spoke candidly about his future in racing.