There are a few things that we as moto fans simply can't get enough of. Sure, the racing action and insanely talented riders are the main attraction when the gate drops – but what about the machinery these top-level talents are racing on? Uncountable hours of R&D, full teams dedicated to the development of new parts, top-secret internal details that you couldn't pay to see, and all of the exotic materials you could think of are only part of the draw. We love all of the details, and wanted to showcase all this beauty to you. Welcome to Drool-Worthy, in-depth looks at each of the six major manufacturer’s factory 450 and 250 race efforts.

It’s only been just over two years since the end of Ryan Villopoto’s dominant reign of both the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series and the Monster Energy Supercoss Series. Wrapping up his fourth consecutive Supercross title, he continued to prove that Factory Monster Energy Kawasaki team was certainly capable of winning. With decades of championships to their name with marquee riders like Jeff Ward, Ron Lichien, Jeff Emig, James Stewart, Ricky Carmichael, and so many more, The guys in green are no strangers to number one plates. Lining up for their 450 effort this season are Eli Tomac and Josh Grant, two riders that have both won before.

A long-term bond in the form of the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team makes Kawasaki’s 250-class effort stronger than ever. With Justin Hill, rookie Austin Forkner, Adam Cianciarulo, and Joey Savatgy on board for 2017 things are looking good for you if you’re a fan of green bikes. Take a closer look at both Josh Grant and Austin Forkner’s bikes in this edition of “Drool-Worthy”…

Photos by Mike Emery | @emeryphoto

Eli Tomac’s second-year aboard this green machine is on the right track after a win at round four, and coming into the year with base settings had to be a big help to the championship contender.

Hours of testing and development later, Eli is running Kayaba AOSS spring forks matched to caps from PSF 1 forks to give more tuning options. It’s all in the feel and these pros know what they want.

Carbon fiber wins every time.

It’s essential when you have a full factory Kawasaki built motor to keep safe during a main event.

Eli’s front brake is a work of art. Billet-aluminum art that stops the motorcycle very quickly.

Pro Circuit handles the teams fire breathing engines’ fumes with these full titanium/carbon systems that have matching green stickers.

A green Renthal chainwheel rounds out a very green motorcycle. Notice the rim stickers too, giving the bike an even more distinguishable look.

Unlike most other teams, Kawasaki hard-wires in their transponder all year so it’s one less thing to worry about. It can be found behind the number plate.

Just some data acquisition and measurements at the business end of the clutch cable. Think the clutch is important? You’d be correct.

Lastly, to avoid dirt and mud from clogging the base of the foot peg hinge, Kawasaki manufactured these titanium guards.

From the marquee Kawasaki rider to the rookie, here we have Austin Forkner’s Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki sitting pretty under the awning.

For you Kawasaki fans, it doesn’t get much more impressive on the 250 landscape than this fully tuned Pro Circuit power plant.

Even up close, you can see how detail oriented Forkner’s mechanic Olly Stone is. Check out the titanium kickstarter bolt.

The other side, complete with every essential add-on needed.

The race team is always developing parts, like this custom air boot that may make its way to the parts catalog.

The team runs Showa air forks, and being a top-level suspension tuner you can be sure they have plenty of options for their guys.

Nestled behind this beautiful carbon fiber cover (and titanium bolts), Forkner’s enormous Nissin caliper looks as mean as it does stop.

The backside, matched to a riveted Braking rotor setup.

Pro Circuit also makes plenty of badass exhaust systems, which obviously find their way onto the race bikes.

Oil O.K. Dyno: Check – It’s time to rip this thing!

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