Dirt bike rider jumps over traffic on California’s Highway 60 in video

That's one heck of a shortcut.

On Friday, Instagram user kyle_katsandris posted a video that begins with a group building a jump and finishes with a dirt bike rider hitting it and going over traffic on California’s Highway 60.

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According to The Orange County Register, the stunt was performed on Highway 60 “in the Badlands between Moreno Valley and Beaumont.”

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Clearing the four-lane highway, the dirt bike rider nails the landing and appears to have not caused any damage or injuries to anyone. But the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has launched an investigation into the video that could lead to misdemeanor charges for those involved.

CHP Officer Darren Meyer told The OC Register that the video was shot just east of the summit of the San Jacinto Mountains, which are part of a nature preserve. “He said it is illegal to shovel a path into protected land, and to recklessly endanger other motorists by driving directly over them.”

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The jump itself was located and destroyed by the California Department of Transportation over the weekend.

While Instagram user Kyle Katsandris posted the video to Instagram, it is not yet known whether it is himself that was the dirt bike rider in the video, or if he was involved with it in any way. Stay tuned for more details as they are released throughout the investigation.